From readings in Shaw’s small library to the Seattle Opera at the San Juan Community Theater and Arts Centre on San Juan Island, the San Juan Islands offer a heady range of artistic activities.

Maybe it’s something in the air, or in the water that just makes people more creative. Or maybe these special islands are a magnet to artists. There’s no question that the number of artists is far higher in the San Juan Islands than in the general mainland population!

Friday Harbor on San Juan Island alone has nine galleries as well as the Arts Centre, which features plays, chamber and folk music, barbershop, jazz, Broadway and opera nights, children’s plays, and a playwright’s festival every September.

Other galleries offer Greenwich workshops and feature art workshops with well known artists and crafts people held on an ongoing basis.

And who would guess that on the islands you would also find a Christmas craft shop, a hemp and linen studio, creative log handmade furniture, bronze and marble sculpture studios, studios featuring Native American art, glass, ceramic, award winning photography and even aluminum, wood and stone furniture and fixtures?

The annual San Juan Island Artists’ Studio tour blossoms every June and continues to feature an ever growing number of artists (35 this year) and participating studios. (14).

From internationally lauded to wholesome home grown, from sophisticated, to simple, the range of artistic experiences you can have on the San Juans will be as wide and eclectic as your tastes.